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Apple OEM: iPhone7 demand has exceeded expectations

Upload time:2019-08-22

Since Apple does not announce sales in the first week, it is still difficult for us to know whether the new machine is selling well or not. We can only wait for financial reports.

After entering 2016, iPhone shipments have fallen for two consecutive quarters. If the iPhone 7 shipments in the initial stage of the listing are not as good as the iPhone 6s, then it is very likely that the “three consecutive losing” message will appear in Apple’s third-quarter financial report next month. This year Apple did not announce the first week of sales of new aircraft, so we can only speculate on the initial market response of iPhone 7/7 Plus through other channels. iPhone assembly companies are a good choice.

According to the Nikkei News, one of the iPhone's two major assembly companies, Heshuo Technology, is "cautiously optimistic" about the iPhone 7 market sales forecast. Compared with Foxconn, Heshuo Technology has a smaller scale of OEM. He Zixian, chairman of Heshuo Technology, said that now consumers are happy to buy a new generation of smart phones, including Apple's new iPhone7, and its shipments are higher than expected. However, Heshuo did not disclose specific orders or shipment data for the iPhone7.

It is understood that although Apple now gives the iPhone to both Shuoshu Technology and Foxconn for OEM, the 5.5-inch models have been exclusively supplied by Foxconn. According to news from the Taiwanese supply chain, in the future, Apple is likely to continue to add supply partners to the iPhone's assembly line, further easing the supply pressure of assemblers. Foxconn, the largest iPhone assembly company, is already setting more factories.