CNK will present its latest specialty products at the Global Consumer Electronics (Guangzhou) Expo (GCE)


The first Global Consumer Electronics (Guangzhou) Expo (referred to as "GCE") will make its debut at the Pazhou International Convention and Exhibition Center in Guangzhou from December 10th to 12th, 2021. The exhibition is organized by the Guangzhou Electronic Audiovisual Industry Federation, organized by Global Resources Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., guided by the China Electronic Video Industry Association, and supported by the Guangzhou Municipal People's Government. The first GCE covers a total area of 50000 square meters, covering more than 800 outstanding enterprises in the consumer electronics industry, over 100000 consumer electronics products, and is expected to attract more than 50000 visitors, striving to create a year-end celebration for Chinese consumer electronics products.

In recent years, China's cross-border e-commerce import and export scale has continued to grow rapidly, becoming a new highlight of foreign trade development. GCE responds to market demand by integrating the popular cross-border e-commerce elements in the current consumer ecosystem into the exhibition, integrating rapidly developing cross-border e-commerce resources, and grandly launching the "Global Cross border E-commerce Selection Fair". It is expected that this sector will bring over 20000 cross-border e-commerce sellers and over 100 cross-border e-commerce service providers, building a professional platform for global high-quality suppliers and buyers to showcase consumer electronics brands, trade matchmaking, and exchange.

Exhibition categories for this exhibition:

As an established supplier of a full range of display products, Xienkai Electronics has always provided customers with cost-effective monochrome LCD, TFT color screens, OLED displays, digital tube displays, and standard or customized display products. At that time, we will present our unique products and industry-leading technologies, as well as various electronic product application solutions, at this exhibition. We sincerely invite you to visit and exchange ideas at the Xienkai booth (2-2C39 #) during the exhibition period.

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