New generation display technology

OLED active display, no backlight, lightweight, fast response, low power consumption, high brightness, and uniform luminescence, high clarity, readable and visible in sunlight; Xienkai OLED screen, mainly used for semi outdoor advertising, E-bike and other applications.

OLED display module


Features: 1)Low power , long life   2)Thin and light, no backlight      

3)Ultra-wide temperature 


1、Resolution: 128(H) x 64(V)

2、Active Area: 35.04mm (H)  x 17.51 mm (V)

3、Outline Dimension: 42.04 mm (H)  x 27.22 mm (V) 

4、 Display Type:  PMOLED

5、LCD 0perating Voltage: 3.3V

6、0perating Teperature: -40°C~80°C

7、Storage Teperature: -40°C~85°C

8、Viewing Direction: all

9、Connector: Parallel / SPI/IIC

10、Driver IC: SSD1305Z

11、IC package type: COG

12、RoHS Compliant:YES

Product  Application:Blood oxygen instrument, intelligent wearable, drone and other medical and communication equipment

Product Application

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