Monochrome LCD/LCM
High end LCD production line

The monochrome LCD/LCM products produced by CNK are simple and convenient to operate, providing character, pen segment, and graphic display products with high cost-effectiveness. They cover various display sizes and interfaces, can integrate built-in touch functions, and VA full view solutions are optional. They have high contrast, ultra wide temperature, and can meet any application needs such as car and industrial control.

Segment LCD/LCM Graphic LCD/LCM Character LCD/LCM

Large VA display module


Features:1)Sunlight readable  2)Wide temperature  3)RoHS Compliant    


1、Active Area: 51mm (H)  x 51 mm (V)

2、Outline Dimension: 65 mm (H)  x 65 mm (V) 

3、Display Type:  VA, NEGATIVE

4、LCD 0perating Voltage:3.3V

5、0perating Temperature:-20°C~70°C

6、Storage Temperature: -30°C~80°C

7、Viewing Direction: 12: 00

8、Polarizer Type: TRANSMISSIVE


10、Connector: SPI

11、IC: HT1621

12、RoHS Compliant:YES

Product Application:outdoor power supply, UPS uninterruptible power supply, charging pile etc.

Product Application
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