Multiple styles achieve 100% personalized high-end customization

A professional business reception team and one-on-one technical support, a complete pre-sales and after-sales service system, with a complete range of products to meet the customization needs of various industries and usage scenarios.

Parameters required for customizing LCD screens:
▲ External dimensions: LCD length, width, thickness
▲ Display type: TN, HTN, VA, FSTN, DFSTN, (selected according to requirements)
▲ Display mode: positive display (white background with black characters), negative display (black background with
     white characters), blue mode (blue background with white characters), gray mode (gray white background with dark
     blue characters), yellow green mode (yellow green background with dark blue characters)
▲ Polarizer type: reflective type (no backlight required), semi transparent type (no backlight required for daytime use,
    use under backlight at night), fully transparent type (backlight required)
▲ Visual angle: 6 o'clock (looking forward), 12 o'clock (looking down), 3 o'clock (looking right to left), 9 o'clock (looking
    left to right)
▲ Drive mode and voltage: depends on the selected chip
▲ Working temperature: Normal temperature 0~50°C Small wide temperature -10~60°C Wide temperature -20~70°C Extra wide temperature -30~80°C
▲ Storage temperature: room temperature -10~60°C, small wide temperature -20~70°C, wide temperature -30~80°C, super wide temperature -40~90°C
▲ Connection method: conductive tape, hot pressed zebra paper, metal feet, FPC (selected according to demand)
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