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CNK TFT products cover small and medium-sized sizes ranging from 0.96 to 15.6 inches, supporting universal sizes and customization of circular, square, elongated, and irregular shapes. There are assemblies with Incell and external touch, supporting various conventional interfaces and customized product differentiation structures. TN and IPS are available from all angles, with high-definition and wide temperature. After more than ten years of technology and experience accumulation, they are widely used in fields such as healthcare, power, new energy, instruments and meters.

10.1 TFT touch screen display



1)  High definition and high brightness   

2)  IPS full view   

3)  Single IC for more stable performance     

4)  Wide temperature


1、Resolution:1280 (RGB) x 800

2、Active Area: 216.96mm x135.60 mm

3、Display Type:  10.1 inch IPS TFT 

4、Touch Screen: CTP 

5、Luminance : 850cd/m2

6、LCD 0perating Voltage:3.3V

7、0perating Temperature:-20°C~70°C

8、Storage Temperature: -30°C~80°C

9、Viewing Direction: all

10、Display Mode : Normally Black


12、Connector: LVDS

13、IC: EK79202+HSD10.1

14、RoHS Compliant:Yes

Product  Application:For charging stations, vehicle displays, fire detectors, etc

Product Application

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