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CNK intelligent display module can create a rich human-machine interface that supports remote updates and is mainly used in industries such as communication, automotive electronics, and healthcare. CNK intelligent serial port screen, user interface design tool is simple and easy to use, and the design effect is instantly visible. The simple serial port allows for easy interface control, greatly improving your development efficiency, shortening the product development cycle, and helping your product go public quickly.

7-inch intelligent TFT serial screen HMI


Features: 1)Quickly implement interface design   2)Touch screen realizes HMI      

3)65K true color display,wide viewing angle       4)Wide temperature



2、Resolution: 1024(H) x 600mm(V)

3、Display Type: TFT


5、Viewing angle:178°

6、Display color:65K (65536) color

7、Connector: RS232/ RS485

8、LCD 0perating Voltage: DC 5~15V, it is recommended to use 12V, 1A DC power supply

9、0perating Teperature: -20°C~70°C

10、Storage Teperature: -30°C~80°C

11、Backlight Type: LED

Product  Application:HMI applications such as new energy, smart home appliances, and vehicle panels

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