How to judge the quality of LCD screen products?


How to judge the quality of LCD screen products? What is the boundary between high-quality products and ordinary products? For consumers who want to choose high-quality LCD screen products, these two questions are particularly important to understand. We believe that high-quality LCD screens must meet the following six standards.

1. Safety and no harm: Firstly, lighting products are not completely harmless, just with varying degrees of harm. Factors such as screen flicker and blue light hazards can cause eye diseases, so high-quality LCD products must have characteristics such as low screen flicker and no blue light hazards to protect eye health.

2. Material selection and service life: The selection of manufacturing materials for LCD screens to a certain extent determines the service life of the screen. Good raw materials result in better heat dissipation of the produced LCD screen, which is more conducive to the product's service life.

3. Large luminous angle: The larger the luminous angle of the LCD screen, the more evenly distributed the light source, and the better the display effect.

4. High light efficiency, low energy consumption: High quality LCD screen products need to have characteristics such as high light efficiency, low energy consumption, and sufficient power, which are more energy-efficient under the same display effect.

5. Exquisite appearance design: The appearance is increasingly valued by consumers, and visual consumption in the market will usher in the mainstream. Therefore, the appearance design of LCD screens also needs to be more in line with consumer needs and more exquisite.

6. Strong anti-interference ability: LCD screens can cause display damage due to interference from other factors, and information cannot be fully displayed. Therefore, it is necessary to have high-strength anti-interference ability to avoid information display errors.

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