What is the difference between LCD dot matrix screen and broken code screen


Dot matrix screens can display graphics, Chinese characters, and characters. What is displayed can be changed through your software. The break code screen can also display graphics, Chinese characters, and characters, but the position where the break code screen displays graphics and Chinese characters is fixed. Only the character '8' or 'meter' can be changed.

LCD dot matrix screens are arranged in a certain order and rule, and commonly used are graphic dot matrix LCD modules. It is composed of many points, which can be controlled to display text or graphics, and can achieve screen scrolling up, down, left, right, and animation functions. For example, a 12864 dot matrix LCD screen has 64 dots vertically and 128 dots horizontally, resulting in a total of 128 * 64 dots.

LCD segment code screen, also known as pen segment LCD, refers to a fixed LCD display screen that is displayed or not displayed at a designated position. It can only be used for simple display of numbers and characters, mainly replacing LED digital tubes (composed of 7 pen segments, used to display numbers 0-9), such as the display on clocks, landlines, calculators, etc. The displayed content is relatively simple in numbers. The main difference between the dot matrix LCD screen and the segment code LCD screen is that the segment code LCD screen intelligently displays characters and numbers, while the dot matrix LCD screen can not only display numbers but also Chinese characters and images. The broken code LCD screen is also cheaper in price.

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