About Customizing the Background Color of LCD Segment Code Screen


I have been engaged in the LCD segment code screen business for many years. When customizing segment code screens, I have encountered situations where various indicators and parameters can meet customer needs and satisfaction, but the lack of cooperation is only caused by the fact that the background color of the LCD segment code LCD screen is not completely consistent with the sample provided by the customer. In order to avoid such a regrettable waste of time, energy, and money on both the supply and demand sides, the following explanation is made specifically for the background color problem of LCD segment code LCD screens:

1. When the customer does not have a sample, if the customer requests a color card for the base color, we will match similar colors according to the color card to meet the customer's needs;

2. If the customer has a sample, as long as the customer provides a sample, we can use the color of nearby polarizers to make an LCD segment code LCD screen based on the customer's sample, to ensure that the background color of the LCD segment code LCD screen is consistent with the sample provided by the customer;

When this LCD segment code LCD screen is used outdoors, the polarizer used is an imported anti UV polarizer, and the background color is only one color.

According to different process types, the following different substrates correspond: TN conventional substrates include [sensitive words], green, gray, purple, and cyan, HTN conventional substrates include green, gray, and blue, STN conventional substrates include yellow green, gray, and blue, FSTN conventional substrates include gray white, dark ink green, and VA substrate is black. The above are for reference only, and the specific effect needs to be determined through communication and negotiation between the supply and demand parties.CNKD1802-12002A.png

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