Points to note that affect the lifespan of segment code LCD screens


Shenzhen CNK Electronics has developed and produced segmented LCD screens for over ten years, with mature production experience and technology. The quality of customized segmented LCD screens has been fully recognized by customers. We will remind customers to pay attention to the waterproof and lightning protection functions when the LCD screen is outdoors and encounters thunderstorm and rainy weather.

In addition, there are aging risks of segment code LCD display, such as the performance of advertising machine shell and internal part materials, which will directly affect the anti-aging life of advertising machine. Plastic materials with poor quality will be exposed to the sun for a long time, causing problems. Therefore, exposing the internal wires will cause some hidden dangers. There is also the issue of heat dissipation on segmented LCD screens, which has been a continuous research and improvement issue in display screen technology. Overheating of certain materials can easily cause harm once they reach a certain ignition or melting point.

When selecting a segment code LCD display screen, it is important to first understand its various parameters, meet the standards used, and meet the requirements of national standards for each indicator. The 220 volt segmented LCD display screen is the standard voltage in China. Whether the material's corrosion resistance and insulation quality meet the standards, and more importantly, its standby time and hourly power consumption are all related to the lifespan of the segmented LCD display screen.

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